The Red Fork EmpireEdit

The Red Fork Empire (RFE) is a collective of innovative creators building amazing worlds together to inspire creativity in others. Founded by Emperor Justinian Stanislaus as an open-ended universe, the RFE now spans a multitude of imaginative universes, a multi-verse of creativity. The RFE's primary purpose is to encourage creativity in an effort to hold the battle line against the oppression of creativity and imagination. To help spread this message the Emperor and his citizens perform as their citizen personas, speak at events, organize the Imperial games, volunteer at galleries and museums, participate in art shows, and contribute creative works that expand the multiverse of the Red Fork Empire. The RFE home world is New Byzantium, a planet whose core was encased in a device [ref?] as the planet was forming at the beginning of time.

As a collaborative creative endeavor the primary objectives of the RFE are as follows:

  1. To provide a sandbox in which to explore your creativity.
  2. To help others realize that the childlike spark of imagination need not be extinguished.
  3. To encourage everyone that being an artist is someone who makes art and not just a profession. 
  4. To bring imagination and creativity to aspects of everyone's life and defeat the Dull.

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Citizens of the EmpireEdit

Citizens of the Empire hail from a variety of creative backgrounds, studies, and interests. The citizens strive to continually create, to invent, to imagine, and to encourage others to do the same. The RFE community works collaboratively so that all citizens will have an equal opportunity to be successful in their creative endeavors. Often the creative process within the RFE generates expansive collaborative projects in which all citizens are encourage to contribute. The RFE brings together creatives to form a collective bond with citizens of similar interests despite the distances imposed by reality. We celebrate these bonds collectively as they are the seeds of creativity.

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Call to Arms Edit

Whether you are new to the Empire or celebrated veteran, continue to contribute your imagination and creativity to the expansion of the multi-verse. Hold the line so that the worlds of make believe are indulged and never destroyed. Creatively conquer all of the dull non-existence. Spread the word. We are mighty when we create together.

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